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Webpage Capture will help you take a snapshot of a complete webpage
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There are many situations when you need to save a given web content for later access. Perhaps the most frequent situation is that you are going to work offline. Nevertheless, you might also want to store a copy of a webpage as it appeared at a certain date and time –such is the case of frequently updated pages. In addition, web developers will sometimes need to store copies of their work for future reference or comparison.

All the web browsers I know offer the capability of saving the current webpage. They are capable of saving the HTML code and most of the objects. However, they fail to save accurate copies of dynamic webpages as part of the information needed to rebuild the page will still be taken from the Internet.

Instead of saving it as HTML, Webpage Capture will help you take a snapshot of a complete webpage. It is not a standalone application but an add-on to Internet Explorer; that is why it does not have an interface of its own. Just a button with a camera icon in the toolbar will let you know this add-on has been installed in your browser.

Its operation could not be any easier. Once the desired webpage is open, you can press the corresponding button on the toolbar, and Webpage Capture will save a snapshot of the page. Although the program will work as it is set by default, there is a particular parameter you might want to configure. That is the location where you want to save the snapshots, as this program folder –where they are saved by default– may be a little too difficult to access.

Pedro Castro
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  • It saves instant static copies of a webpage
  • It is very easy to use


  • The trial version only supports bmp picture format
  • It only supports Internet Explorer
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